DIY Fall-Inspired Hanging Pompom Decor

Fall is in the air! The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler, and all I want to do is wrap myself in a blanket and relax in front of a fireplace. To welcome the change in seasons, I decided to make hanging wall decor that reminds me of the warm, comforting feeling of fall using yarn pompoms, twine, and wood.

  1. DIY Fall-Inspired Hanging Pompom Decor Collect wood.  I not only love projects inspired by nature, but I also love projects that don’t involve spending a ton f money. I explored a beautiful lake near my school and ended up with a giant pile of pretty pieces of wood in all shapes and sizes that would serve as craft material for this project.
  2. Make pompoms. I selected three colors of yarn that remind me of fall: a warm white yarn, a black yarn with silver accents, and a deep-toned multicolor yarn. Using different combinations of these colors, I made 9 large and 7 small pompoms. To learn the easiest way to make a pompom, check out my tutorial!
  3. Thread and secure the pompoms. I strung the pompoms onto a long piece of twine and followed a design I liked. I wanted pompoms to stay about two inches away from one another, so I tied a large knot under each pompom so they wouldn’t slide down the twine when hung. After making three strands of pompoms, I tied each one to the piece of wood.
  4. Add extra twine and yarn details. I knotted another long piece of twine on either side of the stick to form the hanger part. Then, to incorporate some more color into the top of the piece, I wrapped the stick with some more twine and some of the colored yarn from the pompoms.

Voila! Wall decor inspired by the coziness of fall.

DIY Fall-Inspired Hanging Pompom Decor


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