DIY Creepy Halloween Bouquet

Transforming our house for Halloween has proven to be really challenging since store-bought holiday decorations are $$$. However, since Halloween is the only holiday I truly care about, I’ve been determined to find a way to make our house look great for the holidays without breaking the bank. To do so, I’ve been altering everyday items and simply making them more creepy-looking!

DIY Creepy Flowers

Materials: Fake flowers, foam (or plastic) eyeballs, knife, hot glue

  1. Cut the eyeballs. If you’re using eyeballs made of foam, this is fairly easy to do using a standard kitchen knife. If you’re using plastic eyeballs or pingpong balls, you may need a sharper blade to cut through the plastic. Carefully cut each eyeball in half.
  2. Prepare your flower. If your flower has details in its center that protrude outward, you may need to remove them by tearing/cutting them out (like this) so the eyeball can sit perfectly in the middle of the flower. If the middle details cannot be easily removed from the flower, you can hollow out the foam eyeball for a better fit.
  3. Glue the eyeball. Using a hot glue gun, apply a generous amount of glue to the bottom of one of your eyeball halves and then stick the eyeball to the middle of the flower.
  4. Add more! This step will be different for everyone since it depends on the look you’re going for — You can incorporate additional flowers and leaves or even add blood spatters spiderwebs. I wanted to go for a creepy look that was more subtle, so I decided to pair my bright orange flowers with some smaller purple ones with bright green leaves to make a beautiful bouquet in traditional Halloween colors.

DIY Creepy Flowers

These flowers are perfect to place in a vase, serve as a table centerpiece, or even use as a hair or hat accessory! The possibilities are endless. What would you do with a bouquet of creepy flowers?


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